Sangre de Cristo Region
New Mexico

2,209 caches
94,192 total points
42.6 points/cache average

The Loneliest by Cache Type

Geocaches Age Finds Pts
TWO L.A.'s: REAL and ILLUSION by Team Tuxawuxa
Sangre de Cristo region, Santa Fe county, NM
9 years
5 months
1 944
Big Canyon Slot by RockyMtnRidgeRunner
Sangre de Cristo region, Rio Arriba county, NM
5 years
5 months
1 548
Trail Rider's Wall by Fugads
Sangre de Cristo region, Mora county, NM
3 years
4 months
1 340
Elasmosaurus of the Dead Sea. by Sandpig
Sangre de Cristo region, Sandoval county, NM
4 years
3 months
4 107
Todilto Formation on Kitchen Mesa by Fugads
Sangre de Cristo region, Rio Arriba county, NM
2 years
5 months
4 61
Lonesome Dove by ejldixie
Sangre de Cristo region, Colfax county, NM
18 years
2 months
181 10
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