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The Lonely Cache

There are some geocaches that seem to only be visited a few times a year. Some lie waiting for a year or more for a geocacher to seek it out. The reasons why are many. Perhaps an overnight trek far into the back country is needed to reach it. Perhaps it takes solving a difficult puzzle to know where it is located. Then again, the geocache may be a multi-cache of several stages that take many miles of travel to complete each one. Maybe special equipment and skills are needed such as for technical climbing or scuba diving. Whatever the case, an effort well beyond the ordinary is needed to reach the geocache and claim a find.

The Lonely Cache Hunter

There are some geocachers that seek out these lonely geocaches. These intrepid souls may spend hours perusing maps to find possible routes to a back country cache. Some will spend days, weeks, or even months working through the layers of some perplexing enigma. Vacations will be planned, equipment bought, skills developed, all with the goal of finding just one lonely geocache.


LonelyCache is dedicated to showcasing lonely geocaches, the geocaching trailblazers that hide them, and those geocachers that seek them out. A system for rating lonely geocaches is at the heart of this project. This will allow geocachers to identify those especially rewarding geocaches. Statistics are compiled and presented using the rating system and are used to create various leader boards highlighting lonely caches, hiders, and finders.

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If you have a question about LonelyCache, please look in the Knowledge Book to see if it is answered there. If you still have a question, or there is some other reason you would like to get in touch with us, please send us an email.

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