Owyhee County

2,310 caches
45,738 total points
19.8 points/cache average

The Loneliest by Cache Type

Geocaches Age Finds Pts
Sheep Creek/Brueau River by bedobe1
Owyhee county, ID
9 years
3 months
1 932
MHCA Originals by Storm104
Owyhee county, ID
13 years
11 months
10 140
Our King of the Mountain Cache by A,J&BG
Owyhee county, ID
13 years
8 months
25 55
I stand alone, The triangle Cache by amtnman
Owyhee county, ID
18 years
1 month
56 32
I "Scree" Owyhee: A Slippery Slope by El Nimrod
Owyhee county, ID
1 year
7 months
8 20
Written in Stone by opted-out user
Owyhee county, ID
18 years 92 20
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