LonelyCache Knowledge Book

Chapter 6

Achilles Points (aCPs)
Achilles points are the amount points a cache will lose the next time it is found. That is, Achilles Points are equal to the Current Cache Points less the Next Find Cache Points.
Challenge Points (cCPs)
Challenge Points is the term that was used by the Deepsouthwest Geocaching Project for Cache Points.
Current Cache Points (cCPs)
Current Cache Points, or cCPs, are the amount of points a cache is currently worth. cCPs are based on how old a cache is and how many finds it has.
DeepSouthwest Geocaching Project (DGP)
The DeepSouthwest Geocaching Project, or DGP, was a website that pioneered the cache point scoring system used here at LonelyCache.
First Day Find (FDF)
A First Day Find is a geocache find that occurs the day the geocache was first found as long as that day is on or after the day the geocache was published. A geocache may have multiple first day finds.
First Day Find Points
First Day Find Points are the Current Cache Points shared among a geocache's first day finders.
Growth is the change of a geocacher's point total due to the caches that geocacher has found changing naturally from the passage of time and possibly subsequent finds by others. Basically it is a summation of the difference in Current Cache Points of all that geocacher's finds from those caches' previous cache points.
Next Find Cache Points (nfCPs)
Next Find Cache Points, or nfCPs, are the amount of points a cache will be worth if it is found today.
Total Cache Points (tCPs)
Total Cache Points, or tCPs, are the total amount of points a cache is currently worth. tCPs are based solely on how old a cache is.
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