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Section 5.4
First Day Finder Leader Boards

There are two First Day Find (FDF) leader boards. The first is for FDF Points and the second is for FDF Count. The FDF leader board defaults to the FDF Points board but may also be sorted by the FDF Count board. Every region within LonelyCache will have its own FDF leader boards. This includes LonelyCache wide, States, Counties, and DGP Regions.

The FDF Date is the date of the first found log for a cache on or after the the date the cache was published. If there is no published date, then the date the cache was placed is used instead. All finds logged previous to the FDF Date are not counted for First Day Finds. This is to help remove finders that were on the placement team from receiving FDF points.

First Day Finds are shared between all the geocachers that found a cache on the FDF Date. If there is only one find, then that finder will receive the full share of the FDF. If there are two finders, then each will receive a half share, and so on for more FDF finders. A geocacher's FDF Count is the total of all of his/her FDF shares.

A geocache's FDF points is the current cache points. Like First Day Finds, FDF points are shared evenly between all First Day Finders for a cache. A geocacher's FDF Points is the total of all of his/her geocache FDF Points.

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