LonelyCache Knowledge Book

Section 2.1
The Membership Advantage

There are advantages to being a member of LonelyCache and browsing it logged in. Several of which are:

  • One click navigation to your geocacher statistics page.
  • Your hides and finds are easily distinguished from other caches.
  • Your placement in leader boards is highlighted.
  • On geocacher pages, besides the standard summary, how the geocacher is placed on the various leaderboards is also shown.
  • Links are provided to see your found/hid caches or your un-found caches for a region.
  • Links are provided to see your found and unfound caches for a geocacher.
  • Adds your Geocaching.com avatar to the LonelyCache header.1.
  • You can create your LonelyCache Most Wanted list1.
  • Your recent finds are automatically updated and included on LonelyCache.1, 2, 3.
  • Times will be displayed using your time zone instead of the site default Eastern US time zone.1, 4, 5.

LonelyCache is powered by the Geocaching API which is made possible through the support of Geocaching Premium Memberships. As such, premium members also enjoy these benefits:

  • You can search for caches, including Premium member only caches, near to a cache.
  • Caches on your Ignore List may be excluded from nearby cache searches.1.
  • Premium member only caches will be included in your Most Wanted list.
  • Caches on your Ignore List may be excluded from your Most Wanted list.1.
  • On geocache pages, finders will be displayed, along with a link to the Geocaching.com listing.
  • On geocacher pages, a link to that geocacher's Geocaching.com profile will be provided.
  • Your recent hides are automatically added to LonelyCache.1, 2.

1. Utilizes the Geocaching.com API on your behalf.
2. When enabled in your LonelyCache profile.
3. Only 3 per day for basic members.
4. When provisioned in your LonelyCache profile.
5. On registration, defaults to the timezone of your home coordinates.
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