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Section 1.2
Thanks and Acknowledgement

Right up front, we must acknowledge and give thanks to the adventuresome geocacher that brought to the southwestern United States, the DeepSouthwest Geocaching Project, upon which LonelyCache is modeled. The DeepSouthwest Geocaching Project, or DGP for short, was a website started sometime in 2004 that introduced the ChallengePoint scoring system for geocaches.

Though some things are done a little differently here at LonelyCache, by and large, the cache scoring system that the DGP introduced is used here as well.

Unfortunately, the DGP ceased updating its geocaching statistics in September of 2011. The caching community of the southwest, especially those of us who grew addicted to seeking out those difficult and lonely geocaches, went into deep DGP withdrawal pains! Cries of, “I want my DGP!” rang out across the land.

So almost a year later, after a lot of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, LonelyCache was officially launched on International Geocaching Day, August 18th, 2012.

So thanks DGPadmin, wherever you are, for bringing so much adventure and richness into our lives through your invention of the DGP ChallengePoint scoring system. In fact, DGPadmin explained the ChallengePoint scoring system so clearly and thoroughly on the DGP website, that we have reproduced the explanation, in its entirety.

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