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Section 5.2
Backcountry Leader Boards

Every region within LonelyCache will have its own set of backcountry based leader boards. This includes LonelyCache wide, States, Counties, and DGP Regions.

Each region will have the following set of backcountry leader boards:

  • Best all Around Backcountry Leader Board.
  • Traditional Cache Backcountry Leader Board.
  • Multi-Cache Backcountry Leader Board.
  • Virtual Cache Backcountry Leader Board.
  • Letterbox Hybrid Backcountry Leader Board.
  • Unknown Cache Backcountry Leader Board.
  • Webcam Cache Backcountry Leader Board:
    Note that this board is defined but no current region has enough qualifying webcam caches to support it.
  • EarthCache Backcountry Leader Board.
  • Wherigo Cache Backcountry Leader Board.

If a region does not contain enough qualifying caches for a particular backcountry board, then the region will not include that board. For a cache to qualify, it must be worth at least five cache points. For states and LonelyCache wide, twenty qualifying caches must exist for the board to be supported. For counties and DGP regions, ten qualifying caches must exist.

A geocacher's backcountry score is calculated by averaging the cache points of the top N (N = 20 LonelyCache wide and for states. N = 10 for counties and DGP regions) qualifying caches that geocacher has hid and/or found in the region. If the geocacher has not found or hid N qualifying caches, then the cache points of the qualifying caches he/she has found or hid are summed and the sum is divided by N. A consequence of this is that the minimum backcountry score is 5/N (0.25 for LonelyCache wide and states and 0.5 for counties and DGP regions). However only backcountry scores of five or greater are saved. As previously mentioned qualifying caches must have at least five cache points. They must also be of the appropriate cache type for the particular board. Of course, a geocacher's hide will only be counted if it has been found.

Some more information about the backcountry leader boards:

  • Leader boards will be made up of the backcountry scores of all geocachers that have a backcountry score of at least five for that board.
  • Geocachers will be ranked by score. Top scorers will be the board leaders. In case of a tie, geocachers will have the same rank, but will be ordered by geocaching name.

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