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Section 2.2
Subscription Services

To take full advantage of LonelyCache, a subscription service is offered to members. First time subscribers will be offered a free trial period.

LonelyCache offers the following subscriptions:

  • Quarterly subscription, $3 every three months. First time subscribers get a one week free trial period.
  • Annual subscription, $10 each year. First time subscribers get a two week free trial period.
  • One year subscription for $10. No trial period and no automatic renewal.

If a subscription is cancelled, then subscription services continue until the end of the current pay period. This includes trial periods. Once cancelled, a subscription will no longer be automatically renewed.

Some of the benefits of being a LonelyCache subscriber are*:

  • See a geocacher's geocaching avatar.
  • View text and images for a geocache's find logs.
  • Mark a geocache log as helpful or a great story.
  • Favorite a geocache you found.
  • Update your personal cache note with the cache's current cache points (CPs).
  • More list sorting options, such as being able to sort caches by next find points (nFPs), etc.
  • Ability to change your home base in the MostWanted page.
  • Can view recent notable finds of your geocaching friends.
  • Can play, What If. A way to see how your backcountry score and ranking will change in a backcountry leaderboard if you find some caches.
  • Display caches on LonelyCache that are also in one of your bookmark lists
  • Add a cache to one of your bookmark lists
  • See what a cache's cache points (CPs) would be if the cache was in LonelyCache
  • Find qualifying finds for some cache challenges
  • Access to a number of specials, through the Specials menu.
  • The number of ads served will be limited

Subscribers manage their subscription via the Profile page.

* Many subscriber benefits require a Geocaching Premium Membership.

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