2019 Annual Request for Support

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2019 Annual Request for Support

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Hi Everyone,

Last year's request for support had such a great response that none is needed this year. All accounts being used are good for at least another year. One of the five premium accounts is no longer premium but due to changes by Geocaching HQ, LonelyCache no longer needs it.

Lots of changes have been made to LonelyCache this past year. First, Geocaching HQ revamped the API LonelyCache uses to retrieve geocaching data along with the authorization mechanism. It was quite an effort to convert but it's done and I was able to make quite a lot of improvements to LonelyCache in the process. LonelyCache is running much more efficiently and cleaner than it ever has. I'm very happy about that. Most of the impacts to you, the users, was with how you sign in to LonelyCache and manage your account. All that has been streamlined and I believe, is much more effective and simpler for you.

That said, I am in the midst of revamping the LonelyCache interface to make it reactive to whatever type of device you are using, from a phone to a large monitor or anything in between. This is new territory for me as I do not consider myself a UI/UX designer but it's getting done. The basic color scheme and layout will be very similar to what it currently is so the change should be easy for you to make. At this time, most of the changes have been made but there is still a fair bit left to clean things up and refine it.

So as I mentioned, no premium memberships need gifting at this time, though if you would like, you are welcome to. If that is the case, please gift to either LonelyCache 01, LonelyCache 02, or LonelyCache 05. LonelyCache 03 is currently good for two years and LonelyCache 04 isn't needed at this time. Please note if you do gift a membership so any gifts can be spread over the different accounts.

Your past support and continuing support of LonelyCache is very much appreciated. As usual, anyone who gifts a premium membership to LonelyCache will be marked as a benefactor for all to see unless he or she wishes to remain anonymous.

Thank you everyone for your continued interest and support of LonelyCache.

All the best,
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