Site Update January 26, 2017

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Site Update January 26, 2017

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Yes, there has been a lot of updates lately and there was another today. The site was down for maybe 45 minutes as this change entailed several steps that had to be performed manually to the database before the update could be applied.

This update included:
  • Refactored the Region DB table.
  • Revamped how the regions are retrieved from the DB and cached on the Web Server. Basically now all regions are retrieved and cached at once instead of one at a time.
  • Made a minor tweak to the Geocache table.
  • Checked off a number of "to do" items that have been on my plate for ages, such as making some hard coded values provisionable.
Most all of the updates lately have been to help improve performance with LonelyCache. I've been monitoring the site logs to see where problems and performance issues are and resolving a lot of them. The logs are now probably as clean as they have ever been which is satisfying for me especially since LonelyCache is the largest it has ever been after adding Montana and Idaho.

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