Alaska and Hawaii?

What are the things you would like to see in LonelyCache?
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Alaska and Hawaii?

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Have you looked at adding the last of the Western States? I would think that both of them would not be too much of a burden on the system since they do not have many caches. It would mean that Lonely cache is complete in the West and you could continue your expansion attention going East.

Hawaii has 2,137 caches according to
Alaska has 7,806 caches according to

I know it would bring in a lot of new cachers because they both represent vacation spots, but I would think even that would be minor compared to what California brought in. My personal desire in the request is because we are traveling to Alaska this summer and hope to get some good finds but overall I just like to see Lonelycache grow to include more areas.
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Re: Alaska and Hawaii?

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They would be easy enough to add. I've thought about Alaska since I've found several there. I don't know if I want gaps in the territory (Canada) though. I'll think about it some more. Thanks for the suggestion.
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