Site Update July 3, 2020

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Site Update July 3, 2020

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I have just updated LonelyCache. This is a major update as the whole user experience has been revamped to a more modern, reactive look. The site should work better on mobile phones. Please let me know if you have any issues with how it works as it is tricky to be able to test on various devices.

Besides the UI/UX changes, there are several others.
  • Backcountry scores less than 5 will no longer be included in the backcountry leaderboards.
  • Regional scores less than 10 will no longer be included in point leaderboards. Previously, there was no minimum score.
  • Regions can now be made up of multiple polygons. This is needed to support several counties in Oregon and Washington.
There are some issues.
  • The help menu item isn't working at this time. To overcome, go to I'm not sure when I'll be able to trouble shoot but this shouldn't be an issue for most of you.
  • For smaller devices, the menu collapses into a hamburger menu. The hamburger menu isn't expanding when selected. I believe this is the same issue as with the help menu. To overcome, go to or as appropriate.
  • The ads are not being included. I'm sure most of you will be happy about that, but I hope this should be a temporary situation.
  • Things don't work quite right with Internet Explorer. I have no plans to support IE.
Sometime within the next week or two, I will add both Washington and Oregon to LonelyCache. I want to ensure things are working okay with this updates before expanding.

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